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Portland Creative Conference announces Keynote Speaker Line-up

The Portland Creative Conference announced their keynote presenter line-up and also reminded the community that the nonprofit event is also a fundraiser for arts education in Oregon via fiscal agent Keeping the Beat, a 501(c)(3) public charity that supports arts education in Oregon.   Read and/or download the full press release here.


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Save the Date! – Portland Creative Conference

Oregon Creative Industries is now the Producer for the Portland Creative Conference scheduled for Saturday September 12th at the Newmark Theater in downtown Portland, OR.

Register now and use the Code “OCI” to save 25% and support our Creative Community efforts.  More info can be found at

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OCI’s 2nd Association Leadership Roundtable Attracts 20 Groups

The 2nd association leadership roundtable discussion conducted by Oregon Creative Industries (OCI) brought together leaders from 2o different creative economy-related groups to discuss ways that OCI can help their organizations and constituents to thrive.

Some were also represented at our first roundtable discussion in December that attracted 16 associations, but many new groups participated this time around.  Overall, 27 organizations have participated in these discussions.

The groups represented in-person or via Web conference at the January 27th meeting were:

  • Advertising Federation of Central Oregon
  • American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
  • American Institute of Graphic Artists
  • American Marketing Association
  • American Society of Media Photographers
  • Artists for the Arts
  • DevGroup NW
  • Industrial Design Society of America
  • Innovation Theatre Works
  • Internet Strategy Forum
  • Legion of Tech
  • Museum of Contemporary Craft
  • Oregon Media Production Association
  • Oregon Music Educators Association
  • Oregon Writers Colony
  • Portland Advertising Federation
  • Portland Art Dealers Association
  • Search Engine Marketing Professionals of Portland
  • Self-Employed Creative Professionals
  • Social Media Club of Portland

After two association roundtable discussions, two Cre8Camp townhall discussions and dozens of one-on-one meetings with creative economy leaders in the private, public and educational sectors, certain key themes are starting to emerge that will be the basis for OCI’s initiatives and programs moving forward.

More detail to follow.

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Inaugural Leadership Roundtable Discussion a Success

Leaders from 16 different creative economy-related associations/guilds/unions in Oregon attended the inaugural leadership round-table discussion hosted by Oregon Creative Industries.  Our objective for the meeting was to gather feedback from various groups about how OCI could best add value to and benefit their group and the Oregon creative economy overall.

In addition to the attendees in the room, there were also several remote attendees participating via Web and phone.

Attendees at the OCI Leadership Roundtable Discussion

Attendees at the OCI Leadership Round-table Discussion

There was a lot of feedback,  input and questions from participants.  We will have more meeting notes later.  For now, here is a list of who attended:

  • ACM – SIGGRAPH (computer graphics)
  • AIGA (graphic designers)
  • American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
  • American Society of Media Photographers
  • International Animated Film Society
  • Internet Strategy Forum
  • Legion of Tech
  • Musicians Union Local 99
  • Oregon Media Production Association
  • Oregon Writers Colony
  • Portland Area Theatre Alliance
  • Screen Actors Guild
  • Search Engine Marketers PDX
  • Self-Employed Creative Professionals
  • Software Association of Oregon
  • Southern Oregon Film and Television

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We will have more leadership roundtable discussions in Q1 of 2009, including one for educational institution leadership.

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OCI to Host Association Leadership Roundtable

Next up for Oregon Creative Industries: hosting roundtable discussions with the leadership of various creative economy-related associations, guilds, etc.  We have invited leaders from over 25 associations (either Oregon-based or Oregon chapters) to the first meeting this month.  We’ve already had 1-on-1 discussions with many of them, but this will be the first group gathering.  We’ll host a second roundtable in January for those who can’t make the first one.

This is a logical continuation of the approach that started at the inaugural Cre8Camp in July, which is to involve groups and community members across the multiple disciplines involved in the overall creative economy and then listen to input and feedback to in order to understand how OCI can add value and best serve the professionals,  companies and associations that make up Oregon’s creative economy.

The roundtable leadership discussions will be available via live Web and phone conference in order to facilitate 2-way participation from those around the state who can’t attend the Portland-based meetings in-person.

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OCI Feedback from Cre8Camp

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Oregon Creative Industries town hall style discussion Saturday at Cre8Camp Portland.  Definitely some very insightful questions and comments.  Some of the highlights/topics of the discussion were:

Will OCI include Vancouver, Wa based Creative Industries who do a significant portion of their business in Oregon?  This topic is still open as part of our strategy development.

What is the end purpose of OCI as we mature and refine our mission statement?  Our group thought business development, new collaborative partners and clients should be included.

Can branding help Oregon Creative Industries?
Consensus was yes.

What can OCI do for business?  Most thought a networking directory to help create collaborative alliances with merchants, travel associations and other sectors would be extremely helpful.  Other suggestions were helping define our professionalism as an industry and growing creative industry jobs in Oregon.

Other items of discussion under this question were the freelancers union and other complimentary associations OCI could reach out to.

The question of how we unite the groups was brought up.  Some suggestions were to funnel people to events and their area of interest association, having the Creative associations participate in more joint events and making sure OCI’s website is linked and networked with all associations.

Other comments and suggestions included making sure OCI supports the individuals and perhaps learn or borrow some tips from other organizational models such as Convention visitor’s bureaus.

Overall we had a very positive and well-received response to the vision of Oregon Creative Industries is trying to accomplish.  Thank you again to all those that contributed to our discussion yesterday and to everyone who has kept our momentum moving forward thus far.  I will follow up with everyone who wrote their names down for me this week.

We have much to look forward to.

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Oregon Creative Industries to host a town hall discussion at Cre8Camp Portland

The co-founders of Oregon Creative Industries (OCI) will be on-hand Nov. 15th to lead a town hall-type discussion and feedback forum about the OCI concept during one of the sessions at Cre8Camp Portland.  The goal is to continue gathering stakeholder feedback during OCI’s formative stage.

Since OCI grew in part out of a session at the first Cre8Camp Portland in July, this is a great opportunity to continue the dialog within the creative industries community.  Please consider attending the event so your voice can be heard during this developmental process.

The cost to attend Cre8Camp Portland is only $10 (lunch included) and there will be several other discussion sessions on topics relevant to creative industries professionals.  For more information and to register, visit

This is envisioned as the first of a several town hall-type discussions about the concepts behind Oregon Creative Industries as a way to move the organizational development to the next stage.

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