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Creative Economy Council 2012

Hello Creative Oregon,

The new year is coming in strong. The economy is picking up steam. Things are happening and we are looking forward to making more things happen.

Oregon Creative Industries has been hosting the Creative Economy Council meetings and we are very happy to announce that we will be merging with the Portland Leaders Forum (created by Maria Young and Hallie Janssen). This will give us a broader scope of participants and help move the dial on the creative economy even faster. It’s a strong merger and will surely generate some powerful outcomes.

A quick update on the Creative Economy Council.

First of all, what is it? The Creative Economy Council is the advisory group for the Board of Directors of the Oregon Creative Industries 501(c)6 non-profit corporation (Producers of the Portland Creative Conference). The group is comprised of representatives from each of the creative industry verticals and all are successful participants in the creative economy. In addition to being an advisory group the CEC functions as a networking and problem solving forum.

Second, what do we do? We get to know each other, have some great conversation, have regular presenters who provide valuable information and insight into creative industry activities and practices, and actively work on figuring out how cause economic development for creative industries.

Third, what does it all mean? Here are some examples of presenters and outcomes from recent meetings.

Recent presentations include:

  • Jerry Ketel (Founder of Leopold & Ketel) presented the work he is doing on the new branding campaign for “Greater Portland” (formerly Greenlight Greater Portland)
  • Tom McFadden (ED of OMPA) discussed the work Oregon Media Production Association has done in the Film and Media production industry to create jobs and generate money here in Oregon
  • Alicia Snyder-Carlson (President of the IDC) presented on the work the Interior Design Collaborative has been doing to get legislation passed in Salem around Commercial Interior Design Licensing

Recommendations to the Oregon Creative Industries Board of Directors for 2012 include focusing on the following items:

  • Do a Creative Industries benchmark study
  • Create a universal calendar for all creative industry participants to help avoid too much overlapping booking and to create synergies throughout the industry

Through the problem solving work the Council has done we have identified the following areas of interest to explore.

How to…

  • Promote and Market Oregon Creative Industries to the World (Branding Oregon)
  • Create Incubators
  • Educate the Creative Workforce (both upcoming and established)
  • Collaborate and Synergize: Expand connections and share resources
  • Support Creative Individuals
  • Support and sustain Creative Businesses
  • Rally Creatives to support each other (be heard loud and ignite change)
  • Leverage Licensing
  • Create a Directory
  • Improve distribution channels and infrastructure
  • Develop a Research Report to prove and confirm the value of the creative industries in Oregon
  • Produce Cross-Industry Programming

We are looking forward to many more productive and interesting conversation in which we get to know each other, share our passions, and move towards a more prosperous future for one of the most creative regions in the world.

Looking forward to great things.


CEC Co-Chair

OCI Partnering Chair


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OCI Presentation at the Oregon Leadership Summit

OCI conducted its first public presentation during a breakout session at the Oregon Leadership Summit on December 12.  This was a chance to advocate for the creative economy and we gathered a top group of companies to represent the cluster.  Just being listed on the program agenda at the Oregon Leadership Summit gave us more business community exposure as an organization and a cluster than we have ever had.

This was a great way for us to end the year and we are looking forward to more opportunities to build OCI momentum in the upcoming year.

Here is the flow of our program:

• Joe McMurrian, Senior Artist & Illustrator, Wieden+Kennedy; singer/songwriter kicked things off with a Delta Blues song and a discussion about the connection between art and commerce.

• Shane Sasnow gave an overview of the creative industries cluster in Oregon with a presentation that he and Jerry Ketel put together.

• Mark Shapiro, Brand and Marketing Communications Manager, LAIKA

• Shelley Stevens, VP Global Marketing, Waggener Edstrom

• Ryan Buchanan, CEO, eROI

• Juliana Lukasik, Principal, Director, @Large Films

• Steve Sandstrom, Partner, Executive Creative Director, Sandstrom Design

• Julie Williamson, Director of Career Services, Art Institute of Portland

• Steve Gehlen, GM Global eCommerce, Icebreaker Nature Clothing gave a quick case study about how hiring 3 Portland-area creative services firms helped to double eCommerce revenue in the U.S. and helped to create 8 new jobs in his group so far, with 8-10 additional jobs on the way over the next 12 months.

2011 was a solid year. We are aiming to make 2012 a great one.

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