The Oregon Creative Industries (OCI) blog was launched as part of an overall program to gather feedback from the community about this new trade association and help establish a dialog within the community so we can learn how to best add value and boost Oregon’s Creative Economy.

OCI was co-founded by Tad Lukasik and Steve Gehlen.  The OCI logo was designed by Bauer Graphics.

OCI’s organizational development is a work-in-progress and we are actively seeking feedback and involvement from the community in a variety of ways, including one-on-one meetings, leadership roundtables, Twitter, groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and this blog.  We encourage you to read the Overview page and leave comments here on the blog or contact us directly.

We have had promising discussions with several organizations (with many more to come) including:

  • Portland Development Commission
  • City of Portland
  • Greenlight Greater Portland
  • Software Association of Oregon
  • Legion of Tech
  • Oregon Film & Video Office
  • Portland Advertising Federation
  • AIGA
  • American Marketing Association Oregon
  • Oregon Media Production Association
  • Portland Advertising Federation
  • Film Oregon Alliance
  • Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network
  • Southern Oregon Film & Television
  • Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Art Institute of Portland
  • SEMpdx
  • Self-Employed Creative Professionals
  • Keeping the Beat (the non-profit fiscal agent for Cre8Camp and Cre8Con, the Portland Creative Conference)

…and more


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